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Walnut Oil

Walnut Oil

What Is Walnut Oil?

If you’re looking to reap the many health benefits contained within walnuts without being impacted by the heavy calorie content of walnuts, then this is the oil for you. Walnut Oil is extracted from walnuts by using cold pressing methods. Unrefined walnut oil is manufactured by drying and then using cold press methods to extract the oil. Fine quality walnut oil has a topaz colour and is rich and nutty to taste.

Walnut oil will have a shelf life of no more than twelve months. Once opened, walnut oil should be stored in a dark cool place. Refrigeration may be the best option.

The oil is used extensively for cooking and in the preparation of salads and desserts. Walnuts are rich in protein, antioxidants, omega 3 fats, copper, magnesium and vitamins A and D.   Cold pressed walnut oil retains these properties much more than refined oils.

Benefits of Organic Walnut Oil

Oil extracted using cold press methods is by its nature organic.  Using organic walnut oil can deliver some amazing health benefits.  These include:

  • Helps with the management of blood sugar

  • Assists with the reduction of Atherosclerotic plaques associated with cardiovascular disease

  • May help to stop hair loss by topical application.  The oil is rich in potassium which can help to stimulate blood flow to the hair follicles

  • May improve male fertility by improving sperm count and overall quality

  • Enhances brain function

  • Improved sleep quality by containing melatonin an important ingredient in regulating the sleep cycle

  • Nourishes skin and reduces wrinkles as it contains vitamin E which assists with preventing the loss of collagen and elastin within the skin

  • Improved bone health as walnut oil is rich in vitamin K – a natural aid to stronger healthier bones.

Where to Buy Walnut Oil Australia

The best place to get your walnut oil supplies from is the Buy Organics Online website.  Our organic walnut oil products are sourced from reliable and trusted walnut oil suppliers.  If you are looking to tap into the huge health benefits that walnuts offer you then the time has come to purchase health organic walnut oil from Buy Organics Online today.


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