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Water Jug – Quality water any day any time

A Water jug, also known as water pitcher must be your household essential since it can provide great tasting water without all the chemicals and additives that come with tap water. You want you and your children to drink water that is safe to consume and tastes great. Why would anyone turn down purified water? All you have to do is get your water jug and give it a test. Nothing to lose but lots to gain.

How filtered water jugs work?

Water jugs come with a special filter system that allows the water to go through it while removing any bacteria or chlorine found in it. What you are left with is purified water that will give you all the nutrients water should give excluding chemicals and bacteria that are added in ‘regular’ water. Filtering might seem easy but in reality, the water goes through a process that ensures the quality and taste is pure and at top quality.

Filters are used to:

  • Remove bacteria and fluoride
  • Keep ph at 8.0-8.5 – the normal level of ph you should consume
  • Filter out chemicals and organic toxins
  • Remove heavy metals and prevent bacteria from developing

Water Jugs Australia

At Buy Organics Online we offer some of the best water jugs you can find in Australia. We aim to provide water pitchers that will filter your water and provide fresh and pure one at any time of the day.

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