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Palo Santo Sticks

Palo Santo Sticks

What are Palo Santo Sticks?

Palo santo sticks are wood obtained from what is regarded to be a sacred or mystical tree that grows in parts of South America. The tree is related to more commonly known natural scents such as frankincense, copal and myrrh. Palo Santo literally means holy wood and burning these sticks is seen as a sacred practice by indigenous tribes of South America who use the sticks to drive out evil spirits. This practice is known as smudging.

What are Palo Santo Sticks used for?

Besides the spiritual significance of palo santo, palo santo sticks benefits are tangible and worth investigating. They include the following

  • Healing. Traditionally, the wood has been used to ward off colds and flu as well as evil spirits. Advocates today claim that burning these sticks helps to relieve stress as well as reduce the symptoms of asthma, relieve headaches, and assist with relieving anxiety and even depression.
    The scent certainly has a calming effect which may help to support both the nervous system and the immune system.
  • Cleansing - a side product of burning the sticks is that rooms smell fresher and cleaner. There is the added bonus of the scent keeping mosquitoes and other insects from the area.
  • Relaxation and meditation. The scent of palo santo is a great reliant and is particularly useful to get you in a meditative mood.

What do you say when using Palo Santo?

If you are interested in conducting a smudging ceremony there are several mantras you could use while cleansing your area.

Some things to consider would be

  • I cleanse my home of negativity and heaviness.
  • I am grateful for my health, my abundance and my happiness
  • I release myself and my home from any worry
  • I choose joy

The point of this is to essentially reinforce positive energy within yourself as you go through the smudging process.

How to use Palo Santo?

Using palo santo sticks is a relatively easy process. Simply light a palo santo stick and then allow it to burn for about half a minute before blowing it out. THis should generate enough smoke for you to smudge an area. Pay particular attention to the corners of rooms and move through your home, smudging as you go. If you need more smoke, simply reignite the sticks.

Where to buy Palo Santo Sticks?

If you’re looking for palo santo sticks for whatever relaxation, healing or cleansing purpose, we have palo sticks for sale at very reasonable prices. Buy your palo sticks online from Buy Organics Online today.

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