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Coconut Nectar

Coconut Nectar

What is Coconut Nectar?

Coconut Nectar is produced from the sweet sap of thick stems of the flowering coconut blossom, this sap is obtained after carefully tapping the stems. Once the accumulation of the  watery sap is done then the sap is heated to evaporate the water and obtain the thick concentrated syrup.

Many cultures have been using Coconut Nectar for many centuries, and now the western world has also started replacing Coconut Nectar with regular sugar. Coconut nectar tastes a little like maple syrup combined with molasses and it doesn’t taste a whole lot like coconut.

With the change in people’s perspective towards a healthy lifestyle, Coconut Nectar has been gaining popularity as a liquid sweetener at a fast pace.

How is coconut nectar made?

Yellow flower clusters called inflorescence, grow at the top of the coconut tree. When these  blossoms mature, the nectar must be manually harvested by tapping the sap from cut flower blossom stems.

This blossom sap has been traditionally consumed fresh by natives of the Philippines, Indonesia and Malaysia. Sometimes it is allowed to ferment to make palm wine or coconut vodka.

To stop the sap from fermenting naturally it has to be heated as soon as possible after tapping. After the heating process has concluded, the sap concentrates natural sugars and becomes a dark brown liquid syrup. 

Where does coconut nectar come from?

Coconut nectar usually is produced in tropical areas, most notably the Philippines and Indonesia.

Coconut Nectar Benefits

People have understood the value of eating healthy and natural food, the sugar we are eating today has gone through many chemical processes, Coconut Nectar substitute is a positive step towards healthy living.

Advocates have suggested that Coconut Nectar can benefit the consumer in the following ways:

  • Low Glycemic: One of the major differences between the regular sugar and Coconut Nectar is their glycemic index, low glycemic index restrict the sudden spike in insulin levels and it also benefits body from restricting body from fat accumulation.[1]

  • High nutritional values: Coconut Nectar is high in mineral content. It is a rich source of potassium, magnesium, zinc, and iron. It also contains Vitamin B1, B2, B3, and B6.[1]

  • Natural and chemical free: Coconut nectar is produced with the all-natural process that makes it safe to consume. Nectar doesn't require high temperature and chemical processing.  

  • Satisfy your sweet craving: So finally you got a sweetener that is healthy for your body and does satisfy your sweet craving. With the low glycemic index and high nutritional values, Coconut nectar has proven itself as the best sugar alternative.

Where to buy coconut nectar

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Coconut Nectar Australia

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