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Glass Straws

Why use glass straws?

Glass straws are becoming more and more popular as people  become more conscious of the environment Made from tough durable glass, glass drinking straws are easy to clean, reusable and add a certain novelty factor to drinking from a straw. They can be used for both hot and cold drinks . Their heat resistant capabilities make them a perfect choice for people with sensitive teeth 

Glass straws can be carried with you and used in cafes and restaurants. If you choose to do this, it is best that you carefully wrap the straw in a soft cloth before packing it in your purse, carry bag or briefcase to ensure that  it is transported safely.

Will using glass straws really make a difference?

Plastic drinking straws present a real hazard to the environment as they are easily discarded and do not break down. It is estimated that there are between 437 million and 8.3 billion plastic straws currently polluting the world’s shorelines. Australians use about 10 million straws per day. You can do your bit to reduce this waste by using reusable straws. Every time you drink from a glass straw, that’s one less plastic straw that is destined for landfill or the ocean.

When you use these glass straws in a public place that will also help to increase awareness and potentially demand for these pollution preventing and potentially marine life saving straws.

Where to buy glass drinking straws Australia can rely on for durability and cleanliness

If you’ve been asking “where can I buy glass straws” then you’ve found the right place. Our team at Buy Organics Online is committed to helping our customers find quality products that help the environment. That’s we provide a wide range of glass  drinking straws in one easy to access online shopping platform!

Now is the time to make a positive impact upon the environment  invest in the reusable glass straws Australia is turning to for quality, durability and easy cleaning.


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