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Chicory Coffee

Chicory Coffee

Chicory Coffee – The perfect coffee substitute

Chicory coffee is the answer to those looking for a safe and delicious coffee alternative. Chicory coffee is not your typical coffee substitute; it is completely natural and delicious. The chicory drink is an attractive option as it can not only be caffeine free but also much healthier than any other coffee substitute. Accompany your breakfast or evening snack with chicory coffee and enjoy its benefits.

What is Chicory Coffee?

Chicory coffee comes from the chicory root, hence it s sometimes referred to as chicory root coffee. The root is grown on the ground and it is then roasted and ground into the amazing beverage that we enjoy as a coffee substitute. Without any of the caffeine that normal coffee has, it is the perfect solution for the ones looking for a coffee substitute. When roasted, the root turns into a caramelized color along with a much sweeter taste rather than the bitter one you get from regular store-bought coffee.

What is chicory in coffee?

Chicory is often added to coffee as a taste supplement or differential. Its use in coffee or as a coffee substitute dates back centuries and is often related to times of economic hardship and necessity - the result is an interesting and enjoyable taste alternative.

Chicory Coffee Benefits

Unlike other coffee substitutes, chicory coffee is a plant based alternative which makes it even more beneficial as it is able to promote numerous health benefits upon consumption.

  1. Stress reducer – Being a caffeine free drink, chicory coffee can act as a stress reliever and help you go through the day without any tension or nerves.
  2. Acts as a Probiotic - Chicory root contains fiber and inulin which both help stabilize gut function and improves gut health. Chicory is made up of 68% inulin. Inulin works to improve gut health by improving mineral absorption, fighting harmful bacteria and reducing inflammation of the gut - all encouraging the growth of healthy gut bacteria.
  3. Against constipation – Due to the root’s fiber contents, it can improve bowel movements and help reduce constipation. It is perfect for those with bowel problems and suffering from constipation. Studies have shown that the inulin component of chicory does help to soften stools and improve bowel movement.
  4. Anti-inflammatory – Inflammation is the source of many health problems and diseases. With chicory coffee, inflammation is reduced hence, chicory consumption becomes proactive against many diseases.
  5. Liver Cleanser – Antioxidants found in chicory coffee have proven to cleanse the liver and help it function more effectively while boosting your immune system.
  6. May help with blood sugar control. This is thought to be due to the inulin which helps to produce healthy bacteria that break carbohydrates down into sugars. Early studies suggest that this may help people suffering from diabetes
  7. May support weight loss by helping to suppress appetite and reducing calorie intake as a result. More research is required to support this

Why do they add chicory to coffee?

You may have heard of chicory being added to natural coffee and wonder why this is done. Adding chicory to coffee helps to take some of the bitterness out of some brands of coffee. Some liken the taste of chicory being added to coffee to a chocolate flavour.

Does chicory make coffee stronger?

The answer to this question depends on what you mean by stronger. Chicory when added to coffee helps give it a stronger richer taste, however a sit does not contain caffeine, the energy boost often associated with coffee is not as strong

Chicory Coffee Australia

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