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Organic Ghee

Organic Ghee

What Is Organic Ghee?

If you are in the market for a healthier alternative than butter, then organic ghee – a butter derivative without lactose could be the right choice for you.  Ghee is made by separating milk from fat and has been widely used for cooking purposes in parts of Pakistan and India.

As well as being used for cooking, Ghee can be used as a great tasting spread, body oil, lip balms and nasal oil.

Organic Ghee Benefits

Besides being delicious, organic ghee has a number of health benefits.  These benefits include but are not limited to -:

  • Both lactose and casein are removed from Ghee during the process of making it. This makes it possible for some lactose-intolerant people to enjoy the taste of and benefits associated with Ghee.  Have a look for organic grass-fed ghee.

  • Aids in natural digestion as it contains short-chained fats

  • Contains medium chain fatty acids that deliver energy benefits while not affecting cholesterol

  • Contains a fatty acid known as conjugated linoleic acid known to have weight loss benefits

  • Excellent source of vitamins, D, E, K and A

  • Ayurvedic medicine maintains that Ghee helps to calm the mind, increases suppleness and flexibility and  helps to improve joint health

It is important to recognise that organic ghee sourced from naturally raised animals will have a healthier fat profile than ghee made from animals raised in a different environment.

Where to Buy Organic Ghee Australia

The best way to buy quality organic ghee is to make use of the Buy Organics Online website.  Our Ghee organic butter products have been sourced from the most reliable and trusted suppliers within the Ghee industry.  If you are looking to cook in healthier oil or use a healthier table spread then organic ghee is the perfect solution for you - purchase your organic Ghee butter from Buy Organics Online now.


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