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Camellia Oil

Camellia Oil

What is Camellia Oil?

Camellia oil is also known as “Tea seed oil”, and this oil has been found to be very beneficial for healthy skin, hair, joints and immune system.

While the leaves of the tea tree are used to produce tea, seeds grown on the tea tree are collected and undergoes cold pressing to obtain the highly nutritious oil. Camellia oil has been found to be beneficial for countless traditional use and many modern cosmetics also contains the extracts of this oil as well, so why not use this oil directly on the body for its infinite benefits.

Camellia Seed Oil Australia Benefits

Camellia seed oil is one of the most beneficial oil with multiple health benefits, its popular for people struggling with high blood pressure, osteoporosis, high cholesterol, etc. Let's discuss some of the common benefits of Camellia seed oil:  

Great moisturizer: Camellia oil contains a high amount of Omega 6 fatty acids which have proven to be quite beneficial for the skin health, it doesn't just help in keeping skin moisturized but it also assists skin anti-aging.

Healthy hair:  This oil has proven really beneficial for hair strength and conditioning because of the high in vitamins and minerals.

Lowers blood pressure: People with high blood pressure have noted the practical benefits of consuming camellia oil, good amount of potassium in oil assists in vasodilation and helps in relieving symptoms of high blood pressure.

Treats osteoporosis: Japanese have been using this camellia seed oil to treat osteoporosis, the content of saturated fats in this oil helps in increasing the joint lubrication and helps in reliving inflation between the joints.

Boost immune system: This oil has been proven to have antibacterial and antiviral properties which support in strengthening the immune system and keeping you away from diseases.  

Camellia Oil Australia

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