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Activated Nuts

Activated Nuts

Reap the added nutritional benefits by snacking on activated nuts! While nuts are often considered one of the healthier snack options available, the presence of phytic acid minimizes the potential nutritional benefits that this product can provide. Phytic acid binds itself to nutrients thus reducing the consumer’s ability to obtain maximum nutritional benefit. Activated nuts overcome this problem.

What are activated nuts?

Many wonder what are activated nuts? To maximise nutritional benefit, nuts are often activated. The process of activation involves soaking the product in water and salt for a 7 to 12-hour period. The product is then dehydrated at a low temperature for an additional 12 to 24 hours prior to consumption. Activation removes the toxins that are often present that inhibits proper digestion and nutrient absorption.

Are activated nuts better for you?

In a word, yes. Activated nuts are not only ideal because they have removed phytic acid and inhibitors, but they are also wonderful because they contain more nutrients than would otherwise be the case. This means that the levels of protein and vitamins found in activated nuts are much higher than those which have not been activated. This, in addition, to being easier to digest, makes them a wonderful healthy snack option for people of all ages.

What type of nuts can be activated?

All nuts can be activated and all benefit from the process. This means if you are a fan of cashews, pistachios, almonds, hazelnuts or any other type of nut you can find an activated version. In addition, many forms of grains and seeds are also activated to maximise the nutritional benefit of these products including buckwheat, muesli and quinoa.

Activated nuts Australia

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