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Vegan Bacon

Vegan Bacon

What is vegan bacon?

Did you say vegan bacon!? For many, one of the most frustrating things about a vegan lifestyle is missing out on the delicious foods that many people rave about daily. One such food is bacon. Delicious in taste and adored by millions around Australia, the taste sensation of bacon is one that vegans unfortunately never get to enjoy. Until now. Vegan bacon has taken the world by storm and is made using a wide variety of bases. The most well-known bases include tofu, chickpeas, coconut, eggplant, almonds and tempeh. The base is then soaked in a delicious marinade to create that distinctive smoky flavor. The marinade normally contains a salty vegan ingredient such as liquid aminos and a sweet vegan ingredient, such as agave or brown sugar.

Why is vegan bacon so good?

Not only do you get the delicious taste of traditional bacon, but you also receive several additional benefits by choosing a vegan alternative. These benefits include:

  • You’ll avoid excess consumption of processed red meat. The World Health Organization has released information linking the consumption of processed, red meat with certain types of cancer. This means traditional bacon lovers need be aware of the dangers of excess-consumption. By starting the day with a vegan bacon alternative such dangers can be avoided.
  • It has greater nutritional benefits. Vegan bacon is high in protein and fibre while being low in fat and with zero cholesterol. Although it can vary, generally three slices of vegan bacon will only contain 100 calories giving you a satisfying start to the day without adding an extra bulge to the waistline.

Vegan Bacon Australia

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