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Papaya Leaf

Papaya Leaf

What is a Papaya Leaf?

A papaya leaf comes from what is commonly known as the paw paw plant. The fresh leaves are quite large, being between 50 and 79 centimetres in diameter and up to 90 centimeters long. 

The papaya leaf has great nutritional value and that value is often harnessed in the form of papaya leaf extracts or papaya leaf concentrate

The leaves grow from hollow stems right at the top of the tree. Each papaya leaf is full of a white liquid. The papaya leaf is crisp, but can be bitter to taste. The bitterness will depend on how mature the plant and leaf is.  

What is the use of Papaya Leaf?

Fresh harvested papaya leaves are often boiled. They are often used in a form of tea that can be used for medicinal purposes as a tonic or to help with digestion. The leaves can be used in a similar way to sinach. Boiling tends to remove the bitter taste. Papaya leaf extract is available in tablet and powder forms and is generally used as a tonic or for medicinal purposes. 

What is Papaya Leaf good for?

Green papaya leaf benefits can be gained through taking papaya leaf extract or incorporating the fresh leaves into your diet. The key benefits are:-

  1. Contributes to a healthier looking skin.
  2. Vitamins A and C help to give the immune system a boost. 
  3. Strong anti-Inflammatory properties mainly delivered by high concentrations of Papain
  4. Aids the digestive process by facilitating the proper breakdown of protein and carbohydrates.
  5. Boosts Blood Platelet Production.

What is the shape of a Papaya Leaf?

Describing the shape of a papaya leaf is not a simple task. To give you an idea about papaya leaf, it is best to provide a broad description. The leaves themselves are broad, flat, and palm shaped. They are thin, flexible and have prominent yellow veins extending through their lobes. 

Where to buy a Papaya Leaf in Australia?

If you are looking for fresh papaya leaves, your best bet would be to look in local fruit and vegetable stores. However, there are a range of papaya leaf extracts that will give you all the nutritional value of a papaya leaf without having to worry about using them while they are fresh. Buy Organics Online stocks a full range of organic papaya leaf extracts and concentrates that will deliver all the nutritional goodness that papaya leaves offer. Get your supply of paw paw leaf extract today at Buy Organics Online

Papaya Leaf reviews?

There are papaya leaf reviews available online for fresh leaves, extracts and concentrates. The growing number of reviews reflects the papaya leaf’s growing popularity. Many of the online reviews will differ according to the state and quality of the product, but you can trust that the papaya leaf products available through Buy Organics Online to be of the highest quality. Naturally we welcome any papaya leaf reviews on our product range.

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