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Pumpkin Seed Oil

Pumpkin Seed Oil

What Is Pumpkin Seed Oil?

Pumpkin Seed Oil has been traditionally used in many cultures because of its suggested benefits for heart, skin, brain and other body functions. Many people prefer roasted pumpkin seeds instead of oil but it's essential to understand that the roasting process lowers the nutritional value of the seeds whereas oil is produced carefully through the cold pressing process to retain all the nutritious values of the seeds.

What is pumpkin seed oil used for?

Pumpkin seed oil is used by many people for many different reasons - some have clinical support whereas other uses have been passed down from generation to generation. It is used for:

  • Stimulating hair growth in men as it is said to have a positive effect on testosterone and androgen which can cause hair loss.

  • As a relief to arthritic and joint pain. The high level of antioxidants contained within the oil help to reduce inflammation.

  • Skin care - as it contains essential fatty acids and vitamin E that are essential for healthy skin. Topical application to the face and neck is said to improve the complexion.

  • Mental health -  breaks down into serotonin which aids healthy deep sleep

No matter, whether you consume it as a food item or apply it on the skin, this oil may benefit the body from inside out,  thanks to its rich vitamin A and E, omega 3 and 6 fatty acids, zinc, tryptophan and a host of potent antioxidants.

Organic Pumpkin Seed Oil Benefits

It's one of those few oils that could be used in every season of the year, it contains very vital nutrients that many suggest are required for the body. If you’re wondering what are the benefits of pumpkin seed oil then advocates have suggested that Organic pumpkin seed oil may benefit the consumer in the following ways:

  • May support prostate health: clinical studies have outlined positive results that organic pumpkin oil may improve urine flow and decrease inflammation in the prostate.

  • May Relieve menopause symptoms: Some case studies have also shown that women who consumed this healthy oil experienced increases in HDL cholesterol, a decrease in diastolic blood pressure, and fewer menopausal symptoms such as hot flashes, headaches, and joint pain.

  • May Improve cognitive function: Your brain is mostly made up of fats, and the content of Omega 3&6 fatty acids may help in achieving better brain health and better cognitive functions.

  • Potentially enhance skin condition: vitamin A and E found in this oil are effective vitamins that may help to keep your skin healthy. Additionally, it has got omega fatty acids that could be beneficial in maintaining the skin's moisturization and flexibility.

  • May boost overall heart health: It has been suggested that this oil has positive benefits in lowering blood pressure and keeping your heart healthy, while also helping to reduce bad cholestrol levels.

  • May enhance development of the body: Pumpkin oil is rich in zinc, zinc is one of the most important minerals that your body needs, it is required for the proper growth and maintenance of the body. Zinc is responsible for the stronger immune system, blood clotting, thyroid function, preventing diarrhea and improves fertility.

How much pumpkin seed should I take daily?

It has become generally accepted that 1000 milligrams of pumpkin seed oil can be taken daily. In most cases the oil should be taken after meals although it can be used as a salad dressing. It is not recommended that pumpkin seed oil be used as a cooking oil.

Pumpkin Seed Oil Australia

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