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Activated Buckwheat

Activated Buckwheat

Activated Buckwheat

Saviour the benefits of activated buckwheat seeds. By consuming activated buckwheat seeds, and adding them to your favourite cereals and deserts, you can receive a health boost that is guaranteed to satisfy. Additionally, you can put them in your warm winter soup, or on top of a salad, for added crunch and a slight nutty flavour.

Why do people eat activated buckwheat?

The reason that most people choose to eat activated buckwheat seeds instead of buckwheat in its traditional form is due to the added absorption that comes with consumption following activation. You see, most seeds, grains, and nuts contain phytic acid. This acid wraps itself around the nutrients in these types of food making them harder to absorb and less nutritionally beneficial to consume. By activating the buckwheat seeds, the consumer can better absorb the high amount of nutrients and vitamins present in this food.


Activated buckwheat Australia

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