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Vanilla Bean Paste

Vanilla Bean Paste

What is Vanilla Bean Paste?

Vanilla bean paste is made from combining the contents of the vanilla bean pod, a thickening agent and a sugar-water syrup. In many respects it represents a happy medium between the vanilla bean and vanilla extract. 

While the vanilla bean is going to have more vanilla flavour, the vanilla bean paste price is much more affordable and long lasting than a fresh bean. 

It can be interchanged quite readily with vanilla extract, however, it is thicker and more jelly-like. The taste of vanilla bean paste is not as intense as whole vanilla beans but it still has plenty of flavour. 

How to use Vanilla Bean Paste?

As mentioned previously, if you’re looking for tips on how to use vanilla bean paste, it is fully interchangeable in recipes calling for vanilla extract. If you want to add vanilla flavor, simply add one or two teaspoons of vanilla bean paste extract to your favorite sweet baked dishes and custards. It can be used in most recipes, but works especially well with cakes and biscuits. 

If you need to substitute vanilla bean paste for vanilla beans, a broad guideline of one half vanilla bean is equivalent to one teaspoon of vanilla bean paste. 

What is Vanilla Bean Paste made of?

Vanilla paste is made from a combination of finely ground vanilla beans/seeds, Made from finely ground vanilla seeds, a small amount of sugar and water and usually some form of thickening agent. 

How long does Vanilla Bean Paste last?

The paste won’t last indefinitely but if treated properly will last for a substantial length of time. The thing to remember with this paste is that while it will contain some natural sugar it won’t have added sugars. This should mean that once opened and as long as it is kept in its original container, it will last for nearly twelve months if kept refrigerated.

Where to buy Vanilla Bean Paste in Australia?

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Vanilla Bean Paste reviews?

Vanilla bean paste reviews are really prevalent on the internet and most are of a positive nature. Vanilla bean paste is used by many people as a wonderful vanilla bean alternative. You can trust the vanilla bean paste products available through Buy Organics Online to be of the highest quality. Naturally we welcome vanilla bean paste reviews on our product range.


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