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Colostrum Powder

Colostrum Powder

What is Colostrum Powder?

Colostrum powder is produced from the first round of milk that a mother’s body produces after giving birth to a baby. That first round of milk after giving birth is considered to be highly nutritious and packed with nutrients that are vital for the proper growth of the body.

All mammals produce colostrum, but colostrum powder is usually made from cow’s milk. Accordingly it is often called bovine colostrum. Bovine colostrum is remarkably similar in structure and nutritional value to human colostrum.

Colostrum powder offers a balance of stronger immune system and better cellular growth, Colostrum powder contains a high amount of protein and growth hormones that are beneficial for the faster development of human beings, colostrum powder contains the anti-aging properties that are helping adults to stay younger.

Organic Colostrum Powder Benefits

Mother’s body goes through a lot of changes to fulfill the needs of her newborn, this makes the Colostrum powder a powerful supplement for adults to retain their muscles, bone health and boost their immune system.

Advocates have suggested that Colostrum powder can benefit the consumer in the following ways:

  • Stronger immune system: Colostrum powder naturally contains antibodies to strengthen the immune system and to protect from any diseases. [1]

  • Faster recovery: one of the reasons why Colostrum powder became really popular within the community of fitness athletes is its healing power, because of the presence of growth hormone colostrum is found to be very effective in post-workout recovery.[2]

  • Fights infections: Colostrum powder helps adults fight harmful pathogens, ultimately resulting in a great prevention tool against infection.[3]

  • Easily digestible: Mother’s body produces colostrum to be easily digestible by her infant, Colostrum powder is a powerful nutritious food with poor digestion or someone with leaky gut syndrome.[4]

How to use colostrum powder

These healthy benefits give ample reasons to incorporate colostrum powder into your diet. There are multiple ways you can easily do this without simply taking the powder as a supplement.

You can use colostrum powder in many interesting ways including

  • at breakfast by mixing it with milk to pour over your cereal

  • Mixing it into dessert servings of yoghurt, ice cream, custard or cream

  • Adding it to your favourite smoothie, or milk based drink

  • Add to dips that are either mayonnaise or sour cream based

  • Adding it to pancake or waffle mixtures

  • You can even add some to your morning coffee

The potential uses of colostrum powder are only limited by your preparedness to experiment with your baking and food preparation.

How to take colostrum powder

Colostrum can be taken orally as a supplement or incorporated into existing meals. It is recommended that somewhere between ten and twenty grams of colostrum powder be added to your diet on a daily basis.

Where to buy colostrum powder

Colostrum powder can be purchased at a number of retail outlets including health food stores, some supermarket chains and pharmacies. However, for a reliable quality supply there is no better place to buy quality colostrum powder than Buy Organics Online 

Colostrum Powder Australia

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