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Chlorella is a form of algae which belongs to the “Phylum Chlorophyta” family. This herb literally translates into “small green” in Greek, as it is a single-celled alga that grows in fresh water, making it a very special and rare plant. Based on its’ genetic mutations, scientists believe that this plant has been on earth for around 2 million years. It is often used to create medicines and nutritional supplements, where it is thought to be one of the many nutrient dense superfoods which can assist in the prevention and alleviation of various diseases and disorders.

Consuming Chlorella as a supplement can have many incredible benefits on your health and may be a simple solution to various issues preventing optimal health.

This amazing little herb is a rich source of:

Chlorella Benefits

Chlorella can deliver many benefits to the body. If you have been asking, “what does chlorella do for your body,” some of the benefits of taking Chlorella powder supplements include:

Where can you get chlorella?

Chlorella can be found in some natural health stores. However, it can be easily found online at Buy Organics Online.

What is the best chlorella to buy?

There are a range of chlorella products available that could suit your needs. Buy Organics Online we have a range of high quality natural chlorella products.

Is chlorella or spirulina better?

Both algaes are becoming increasingly popular and have significant health benefits. Comparing one to the other is very difficult as both will be more suitable to particular individuals. Chlorella has more Vitamin A, riboflavin, zinc, omega 3 fatty acids  and iron while spirulina contains more copper and thiamine and perhaps more protein.

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