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Eucalyptus Honey

Eucalyptus Honey

What is Eucalyptus Honey?

Eucalyptus honey is strong-tasting honey produced solely in Australia. The honey is the product of flowering eucalyptus trees like the popular Eucalyptus Honey Pots. 

Eucalyptus  honey is darker in colour than other varieties of honey and has a much stronger aroma.

What does Eucalyptus Honey taste like?

Compared to many other kinds of honey, the eucalypt variety’s taste could be described as strong with an undertone of tart sweetness. It has been variously described as woody, earthy, like caramel, and a touch mentholated. 

What are the benefits of Eucalyptus Honey?

Besides its distinctive taste, eucalyptus honey has all the wonderful health properties that regular honey has. These include 

  • Has strong antibacterial properties

  • Naturally works to alleviate the symptoms of cold and flu.

  • Its pollen content helps to boost the immune system

  • Is a rich source of antioxidants

  • Provides the body with a wealth of vitamins and minerals

  • It may help to relieve gastric disorders.

Where to buy Eucalyptus Honey.

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