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Liquid Aminos – a go or a no go? Let’s have a look.

What is Liquid Aminos?

Liquid Aminos is amino acids in a liquid form or otherwise known as soy sauce only better tasting. It is also a great gluten-free soy sauce alternative for the gluten intolerant ones and anyone who avoids gluten. It has a delicious umami flavour just like the familiar soy sauce one – salty, bitter and sour. Asides from its delicious flavour, liquid aminos also have many benefits to offer to its consumers. And yes, you can use it in many ways, not only as a dipping sauce for your sushi!

Liquid Aminos Health Benefits

It is extremely recommended for the vegetarians and vegans out there since it is a great source of protein which can replace the protein intakes you get from animal products and boost the protein you get from plant products. Although you cannot have liquid aminos as your protein source alone, it can help add to your daily protein intake. That is why, it is popular with athletes since it can provide with energy boosting for their exercise routine. A serving of liquid aminos in your food can give it a savoury and meaty taste without having to harm any animals to get it.

It has been found that Liquid Aminos can benefit your health as well as provide a tastier food.

Have a look at only some of the health benefits that liquid aminos have to offer:

Liquid Aminos Australia Brands

One of the most popular brand and best at its kind is Bragg. Bragg’s Liquid Aminos are perfect for anyone looking for a protein source and the great tasting experience it can provide.

Try our Bragg Liquid Aminos products. They are Gluten free and made from purified water. Also soybeans are non-GMO. They can be used as an alternative for Tamari and Soy Sauce. 

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