Colloidal Silver

Colloidal Silver- now available to purchase in Australia

Why purchase colloidal silver (CS) in Australia? For many centuries silver has been used as a highly versatile healing solution. Dating back to ancient times it has been used for the treatment of infections and to control disease. From Greece to Rome to Macedonia silver was highly regarded as a means for tackling illness. It was only in the 1930s due to the manufacture of synthetic medicines, and their low cost of production, that this beneficial product fell out of favour. Despite this, there has always been an interest in providing alternative methods of treatment to those offered by the medical industry and thus it has made a comeback in the form of colloidal silver. This natural substance consists of particles of silver that don’t dissolve but rather remain suspended in liquid. It acts against over 600 pathogens and is considered a powerful antibiotic. This remedy has high value as an alternative form of treatment with a  range of benefits.

The potential health benefits of CS

The benefits to your health that colloidal silver provides to the consumer are expansive. It is a diverse treatment product that has value in tackling a variety of conditions. Whilst traditionally used as a healing solution for epilepsy, gonorrhea and colds it is widely used to remedy many other illnesses. This product can:

 - aid in clearing up conditions of the eye, such as pink-eye due to its anti-inflammatory properties.   

- remedy ear infections due to its ability to kill off multiple types of bacteria, unlike antibiotics which often focus on one type of bacteria.

- show positive results in attacking viral infections such as pneumonia and cold and flu because of its capability to fight an assortment of pathogens.

- ease skin conditions caused by fungi such as acne.

- help wound healing in the form of cuts and abrasions due to its ability to reduce inflammation.

- be used as a digestive aid as it helps decrease the likelihood of fermentation therefore reducing the chance of bloat and gas.


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