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Tart Cherry Juice

Tart Cherry Juice

Embrace Tart Cherry Juice

For a taste sensation that may drastically enhance your health, consider adding tart cherry juice to your fridge today! We are all aware of the benefits that cherries can provide, but did you know that tart cherry drinks are even healthier than those of the black cherry variety? This is due to the high number of anthocyanins that tart cherry juice contains. The anthocyanins present provide incredible health benefits to the regular consumer.

The benefits of a Tart Cherry drink

By regularly consuming tart cherry juice products you can experience some incredible health benefits. These benefits include:

  • It can improve recovery time, post workout. Due to the presence of potassium, regular users will notice an improvement in muscle recovery following consumption of this product.
  • It can boost your immune system. Due to the presence of flavonoids, an antioxidant that helps fight infections, this product can bolster your immune system to stave off illnesses.
  • It can reduce inflammation. The antioxidants in tart cherry juice can significantly reduce inflammation. Research has also shown tremendous benefits for those suffering from osteoarthritis if regular consumption of this product takes place.
  • It can help with the battle of the bulge. This product can help those seeking to lose weight thanks to the presence of anthocyanins. These antioxidants have been shown to be effective in preventing obesity and helping to regulate one’s metabolism.
  • It may help to reduce swelling. Research conducted in 2004 found that cherry drink products can be effective in reducing swelling and pain in those who present with these symptoms.
  • It may help cure insomnia by increasing melatonin supply

How much melatonin is in tart cherry juice?

Melatonin is the sleep hormone - its production helps you to sleep. Tart cherries contain high levels of melatonin. Numerous studies have now established a clear link between drinking tart cherry juice at least twice daily and improved sleep patterns. Tart cherry juice is not the only food that has high levels of melatonin but its sleep improvement results set it apart. This could be for several reasons, namely

  • Tart cherries also have high levels of the chemicals procyanthin and anthocyanin. These chemicals are known to have anti-inflammatory properties that could assist with getting to sleep
  • Drinking tart cherry juice seems to decrease levels of kynurenine in the blood. Kynurenine has been linked to sleep deprivation among depressed people.
  • It has been hypothesised that some chemicals in the cherry may affect the amino acid tryptophan which is responsible for producing serotonin and melatonin. This may help tryptophan to function more efficiently.

Whatever the specific reason, tart cherry juice has been linked to improved sleep patterns and its melatonin levels have something to do with that.

How much tart cherry juice for sleep?

While results are likely to vary, studies have shown that drinking tart cherry juice does help with sleep. Two separate studies seem to indicate that drinking about 240 ml of tart cherry juice twice daily will aid sleep. 1,2

Is chart cherry juice good for heart?

Cardiovascular disease is one of the biggest killers in western society and two of the key drivers of poor heart health are high cholesterol and hypertension (high blood pressure).

Properly conducted clinical trials have demonstrated a reduction in systolic blood pressure for people suffering hypertension when they consumed a daily dose of 60ml of tart cherry juice per day. Similarly, other studies have shown a reduction in cholesterol levels when subjects consume tart cherry juice regularly.

Drinking tart cherry juice can contribute positively to your overall heart health.

Can I drink tart cherry juice everyday?

Tart cherry juice is a natural healthy nutritious drink and you can drink it as often as you like.  

How much tart cherry juice should you drink a day?

While there seems to be no limit as to how much tart cherry juice you can drink, it seems that the optimum amount for most people is between eight and twelve ounces (approx 240 ml - 350 ml) twice daily. At this level of consumption clinical trials have shown marked improvement in such varying measures as antioxidant status, inflammation and strength loss.

Where to Buy Tart Cherry Juice Australia?

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2. Effect of tart cherry juice (Prunus cerasus) on melatonin levels and enhanced sleep quality 

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