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Gluten Flour

Gluten Flour

What is Gluten flour?

Gluten flour, sometimes called vital wheat flour, wheat gluten powder or wheat gluten flour is a specially prepared flour that has a greater percentage of gluten than other flours while not having as much starch in it. Technically, it isn’t a flour in the true sense of the word but has been firstly hydrated to activate the gluten and then processed to extract almost everything from the flour but the gluten.

These properties make any dough that contains gluten flour more elastic and to rise more easily. The finished product is likely to be more chewy 

Gluten flour is often used when preparing pizza dough, flat breads and rolls. It can be added to any bread mix and is often a recommended (but usually optional) addition to recipes using low gluten flour such as rye flour. Adding this to such flours makes them more likely to rise. Gluten flour is also often used as a meat substitute in vegan dishes.

What is a substitute for Gluten flour?

The uses for gluten flour in cooking are many and varied but many people on gluten free diets need an alternative to high gluten flour recipes. 

Surprisingly there are several gum options that can be readily substituted for gluten flour.

The most popular of these is Xanthan gum, a fermented product of the bacterium Xanthomonas Campestris. This gum duplicates the effects of gluten flour by trapping gas that causes dough to rise and improving texture of bread. It is generally recommended that half a teaspoon of Xanthan gum be substituted for each cup of flour when baking quick breads. This ratio should be increased to between three quarters and a whole teaspoon of gum per cup when preparing yeast dough's. It is not by any means an exact science and the exact ratios will differ from recipe to recipe.

The other popular option is guar gum. It doesn’t quite have the elasticity of Xanthan but will work to a degree. The substitution ratio is between half a teaspoon and a full teaspoon per cup of flour. 

Which flour has the most Gluten?

The answer here is a little tricky. Gluten flour has a higher gluten content than any other flour, but as already stated, the process that creates makes it not technically a flour.

There are numerous high gluten flour options - but the one with the highest gluten content is bread flour which has had gluten added to it to help bread dough rise.

 Does all flour contain Gluten?

Not all flours contain gluten. Gluten free flours include such options as rice flour and buckwheat flour. 

Where to buy Gluten flour?

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