Carob Powder

What is Carob Powder

Carob Powder is a great alternative to cocoa powder. Native to the Mediterranean, and derived from Carob tree, this wonderful product is dried, roasted and then made into a powder that possesses a sweet taste. Often used as a natural sweetener in baked foods, carob powder is well worth adding to your kitchen pantry due to the positive nutritional benefits that it provides.

The nutritional benefits of carob powder

There are some great nutritional benefits that come with consumption of carob powder instead of cocoa. These benefits include:

It is naturally low in fat. Carob powder contains very little fat. Although it contains more carbohydrates than cocoa powder, it is a better option for those on a low-fat diet.

It is free of sodium. Sodium can increase the risk of several life-threating medical conditions including high blood pressure, heart attack, stroke and kidney-related problems. Carob powder contains no sodium.

It is high in fibre. Fibre can ensure you feel full, can help prevent constipation and help lower cholesterol. The polyphenols in carob can improve overall bowel health and leave you feeling satisfied for longer.

It is gluten and caffeine free. Carob powder is ideal for those that cannot tolerate wheat and are sufferers of celiac disease. In addition, it is free of caffeine which can lead to increased heart rate, insomnia and irritability in many individuals.

It contains calcium and is free of oxalates. Calcium is essential for bone health and helps your muscles, heart and nerves to function effectively. Oxalates are compounds found in food products that prevent the proper absorption of calcium. While cocoa contains oxalates, carob powder does not, making it highly beneficial.

Carob Powder Australia

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