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Lecithin Granules

Lecithin Granules

Lecithin Granules at Buy Organics Online

Lecithin Granules or Soy Lecithin, are small grains made of soy that provide many health benefits to its consumers. What makes lecithin granules special is the nutty taste and creamy texture that adds into recipes, while being a natural ingredient with numerous of benefits for your health. It is said that lecithin is normally produced by our bodies but not in a sufficient amount. Lecithin deficiency can cause damage to your liver, cause cardiovascular diseases, built-up fat and have trouble with digestion and gallbladder function.

Benefits of Lecithin Granules

How it can help improve your health:

  • Lower Cholesterol levels – Its ability to dissolve fats is making it easier for the body to dispose them and prevent fat built-up in arteries. Thus, improves heart functionality. Lecithin is essential for the normal nerve and muscle function which includes the heart as well. The removal or breakdown of fats and cholesterol from the body’s organs prevents the cause of atherosclerosis.  
  • Improve memory and brain function – Lecithin Granules when consumed, produce a nutrient called choline. Choline is proven to improve brain function and helps against memory disorders.
  • Against gallbladder diseases – Bile aids digestion but in combination with high cholesterol levels, it can cause harmful and painful effects. Cholesterol can cause bile to harden and turn into stones – gallstones. The ability of lecithin granules to breakdown fats from building up into your body; it can also lower cholesterol levels and thus, prevent gallstones from forming.  
  • Liver dysfunctions prevention – Choline produced from the consumption of lecithin granules, has the ability to break down fat deposits from the liver, preventing fatty related liver diseases to occur.

Medical Cautions

Lecithin Granules have been tested towards the treatment of major brain disorders such as dementia and Alzheimer. Although no official results proven the treatment of these diseases, there are many doctors who suggest that is does help in memory disorders.

It is suggested that consumption frequency and dosage of lecithin granules are medically advised. The wrong kind can have harmful implications than benefits to you and your health.

Do not consume in case of soy or nut allergy.

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