Maqui Berry

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It's not every day that you come across food that is sweet, delicious and furthermore, is so incredibly good for you! Maqui berry is one of those rare and ancient foods that have recently made a comeback,  jam packed with goodness and healing properties. It is a small purple berry which is found mainly in Chile in the Patagonia region and has recently gained attention for its high levels of antioxidants which we know to be great for keeping a healthy immune system. It is especially high in the antioxidant anthocyanin, believed to be due to the harsh climatic conditions it is grown in. Maqui was originally a staple food to the Mapuche Indians for thousands of years, prized for symbolising “goodwill”.

Chileans have used this deep purple fruit for its health benefits and in Chilean folk medicine it is believed to be a good means of assisting the treatment of diarrhea and inflammation, as well as alleviating fevers. The anthocyanins found in this fruit have been researched by numerous laboratories and their findings suggest that it may have the ability to inhibit the creation of blood clots which can result in strokes, pulmonary embolism, peripheral vascular disease and heart attack. This is due to Maqui’s ability to decrease the coagulation of blood platelets. Most significantly these amazing little berries help to reduce inflammation which is crucial to our wellbeing. Listed are further health benefits of the Maqui berry:

•    Extraordinary antioxidant protection
•    Neutralises toxic free radicals and protects cells from oxidation
•    Promotes healthy ageing
•    Promotes healthy cholesterol levels
•    Promotes eye health
•    Supports healthy glucose balance

This delicious purple powerhouse can be enjoyed in the diet in a myriad of ways such as adding it to juices and smoothies and sprinkling it on cereal and porridge. In addition, it can be added to baked goods but what is certain, is that it will nutritionally boost and brighten up any meal or snack, making it a great choice for children.

This incredible fruit is most commonly sold as a raw freeze dried organic Maqui berry powder, but is also available in capsule form. Here at Buy Organic Online we offer a range of Organic Maqui berry brands. These brands include Dr. Superfoods, Maqui Berry Active and Power Superfoods