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Sleep Spray

Sleep Spray

What is Sleep Spray?

There are sleep sprays and sleep mists. A sleep spray is a combination of ingredients, that can be sprayed into the mouth or under the tongue. The theory goes that using a quality sleep spray will help to generate sleepiness. A sleep mist on the other hand is sprayed into the air or onto the pillow and uses a mix of scents to invoke sleep.

Sleep spray and sleep mist ingredients fall into two broad categories - natural and chemical. Natural ingredients will either be hormonal or fragrances generated by essential oils. 

The most natural sleep spray tends to be those that are pillow sprays and can sometimes be marketed as sleep mist. These types of sprays have existed for centuries and do not use chemicals of any description, preferring to rely upon natural sleep inducing fragrances and essential oils to promote an atmosphere that calms and relaxes. That’s why many people would see this type of spray as the best sleep spray.

How do you use Sleep Spray?

It depends upon what you choose to use, but if you are looking for pillow sprays, it is a simple matter of spraying the mist onto your pillow and sleeping area several minutes before going to bed. 

On the other hand if you suffer from a medical condition that causes a sleeping disorder, it is probably best to consult your doctor to find the best sleep spray for you.

Is Sleep Spray safe?

There are many different types of sleep spray and when choosing an oral sleep spray it may be best to consult your doctor. Whereas pillow sleep sprays tens to be made from natural ingredients and fragrances such as lavender and citrus. Everybody is different and it is best to check the ingredient list prior to purchase. That way you will ensure that there are no known allergens contained in the spray.

Further to this safety angle the best sleep spray for babies seems to be a spray that has lavender as one of its main ingredients as lavender is deemed to be safe for babies.

How to make Sleeping Spray?

A simple pillow sleep spray recipe would be as follows 

Ingredients: 1 small 120 ml spray bottle, some witch hazel, 10 drops of essential lavender oil, 5 drops of cedarwood essential oil, 5 drops of any other essential oil of your choice.

Method: Mix the ingredients together - add to spray bottle, then fill bottle with distilled water. That’s it - just remember to shake the spray bottle well before use.

Where to buy Sleep Spray in Australia?

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Sleep Spray reviews?

If you want to look for sleep spray reviews, you will go a long way before you find reviews as consistently positive as they are about our recommended sleep sprays and sleep mists. Check our selection out today.


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