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Sleep Tea

Sleep Tea

Sleep Tea - Promotes Restful Sleep

Sleep tea is a non-caffeinated tea that has been used to promote deep and restful sleep by many people. Of course, caffeinated tea can disrupt your sleep cycle but there are many evidence that drinking certain teas can help in calming your brain and facilitates sound sleep.

Good sleep is very crucial for the overall health and wellness, it helps in giving relaxation to your brain and body for better functioning, unfortunately, 30% of the people suffer from insomnia and other sleep disorders.

Sleep tea is generally a mixture of different natural herbs that are known for their sleep aid.

Sleep Tea Benefits

Advocates have suggested that sleep tea can benefit the consumer in the following ways:

  • A tea that helps you sleep actually works through reducing the stress and anxiety.

  • Tea for sleep also helps in dilating the blood vessels that allow the more efficient blood flow and might prevent sudden heart stroke.

  • Tea contains antioxidants that help in eliminating free radicals from body.

  • These sleeping tea are quite popular among professional athletes as well, it allows them to relieve muscle soreness and achieve proper sleep.

  • These herbal tea for sleep may prevent the hormonal imbalance that generally occurs because of lack of sleep.

  • People with blood pressure should definitely try this tea, calming effects of these herbal tea helps in lowering down the blood pressure.

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