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Pomegranate Juice

Pomegranate Juice

The health sensation that is Pomegranate Juice

When it comes to a drink that is delicious and provides significant health benefits, nothing really compares to pomegranate juice. This ambient juice is a tremendous source of antioxidants, ellagic acid, punicic acid, vitamins A, C and E as well as essential minerals including calcium, potassium, iron, niacin, thiamin and riboflavin. It is made through extraction of pomegranates which helps to ensure all the nutritional benefits are maintained within, in the absence of the seeds which are carefully removed during the manufacturing process.

Pomegranate juice benefits

So, what are the benefits of pomegranate juice? There are some tremendous benefits that come with regular consumption of this beverage. The benefits of pomegranate juice include:

  • It is stacked with essential nutrients. This product contains a high amount of fiber, protein, vitamin A, C and E as well as iron, folate and potassium.
  • It is loaded with antioxidants known as polyphenols. The juice contains triple the amount of antioxidants contained in green tea or red wine. Antioxidants are considered vital in fighting such harmful elements in the body as free radicals as well as protecting healthy cells.
  • It aids digestion by reducing inflammation in the gut. This antiinflammatory property may help people suffering from Crohn's disease and other bowel problems.
  • May aid memory as a recent study showed that drinking eight ounces of juice seemed to improve learning and memory functions.
  • May increase fertility by reducing oxidative stress through the amount of antioxidants. Oxidative stress has been linked to decrease fertility in women as well as sperm dysfunction
  • It offers amazing anti-inflammatory benefits. Inflammation can lead to many serious health issues including heart disease, type 2 diabetes and cancer. Because this product contains a high number of antioxidants, inflammation can be greatly reduced which limits the likelihood of developing chronic afflictions such as those mentioned above.
  • It can lower blood pressure. Another pomegranate juice benefit relates to its ability to reduce blood pressure levels. Medical studies have shown that regular consumption of this product can lower blood pressure levels in a short period of time which lowers the risk of heart attack and stroke.
  • It can reduce the risk of heart disease. The presence of punicic acid contained within this product can have a positive effect in protecting against heart disease by lowering LDL cholesterol.

These are just a few of the pomegranate juice benefits that can be gained through regular consumption.

Should I drink pomegranate juice everyday

Pomegranate has such a range of nutritional benefits that it would seem to make sense to add it to your regular daily intake. However, there may be certain instances where a daily intake of pomegranate juice may not be wise. Diabetics would need to keep a close eye on blood sugar levels and there may be occasions where the juice could interfere with other medications being taken. If in any doubt at all, you can seek advice from your doctor 

Is the sugar in pomegranate juice bad for you?

There is a difference between processed sugars and natural sugars found in fruits like pomegranate juice. Natural sugars contain lots of vital nutrients that are actually good for you whereas processed sugars have had all the goodness stripped out of them,. When purchasing pomegranate juice be sure to check the labelling to ensure that the juice is pure juice and has no added sugars.

What are the side effects of pomegranate juice

A small proportion of people can experience an allergic reaction to pomegranate fruit. The people most likely to do so are those that suffer reactions to other plants. People who are allergic to pomegranate may experience such symptoms as itching, runny nose and breathing difficulties.

Pomegranate juice taken in moderation is considered safe to take during pregnancy. 

As it tends to help lower blood pressure, caution should be taken with the juice if you are already suffering from low blood pressure.

Where to Get your Organic Pomegranate Juice

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