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Dr Organic

Dr Organic

Dr Organic Online - Australian Store

Dr Organic uses only the finest, natural, raw materials, sourcing accredited and certified organic ingredients from all around the world. If a certified organic source is unattainable, a sustainable, natural alternative is used to make sure you get the most benefit possible from each and every use. Dr Organic also uses bioactive extracts in their blends. These extracts ensure each and every product is truly functional and active on your body, and you get all the benefits these amazing and wondrous plants and fruits have to offer.

Dr Organic takes care with each and every ingredient they use, all products are:

  • GM free.

  • Uses no harsh chemicals, including no SLS, no perfumes and no artificial fragrances.

  • No animal testing.

  • suitable for vegetarians.

  • Uses no mineral oils. Petrochemicals like paraffin and petroleum are avoided, and plant based oils and extracts are used.

  • Only uses the highest grade, broad spectrum, naturally derived, preservatives.

  • All essential oils used are certified by EcoCert Natural and Organic Cosmetics Standard and Soil Association Organic Health and Beauty Care Products Standards.

  • Organic Aloe Vera replaces the majority of water in products which are not oil based.

Some common questions that people ask in relation to Dr Organic, include;

Is Dr Organic chemical free?

Dr Organic is GM free and uses no harsh chemicals, nor SLS, perfumes or other artificial fragrances.

Is Dr Organic really organic?

Dr Organic uses all natural ingredients and has won awards from such places as the Natural Health Magazine and the Green Parent Natural Beauty Awards. While Dr Organic is not certified as organic, there is no requirement for cosmetics to be certified as such.

Does Dr organic Use Palm Oil?

Wherever possible, Dr Organic does not use synthetic ingredients, instead we use naturally derived materials from a variety of vegetable sources.

Whenever an organic ingredient cannot be used  a sustainable natural alternative will be. Sources for these alternatives include palm, coconut and soy.

Dr Organic products that are palm free include aloe vera lip balm, aloe vera wet wipes, lavender pure oil, dead sea mineral bath salts, dead sea mineral bath oil, Moroccan argan oil pure liquid gold oil, Moroccan Argan Oil bath and massage oil, Pomegranate lip balm, Rose otto facial oil, rose otto bath oil, tea tree lip balm, tea tree nail solution and Virgin coconut oil lip serum

What is Bioactive skincare?

Dr Organics use the term bioactive skincare to describe their skincare products that have been manufactured using natural chemicals found in some plants and fruits that have a healthy effect on the skin and/or body.

Dr Organic has different ranges for all your individual needs, including Extra Virgin Olive Oil for dry skin,Virgin Coconut Oil for dry, tired skin and hair and Tea Tree for blemished skin. Dr Organic also has the dead sea mineral range creating a spa experience which leaves the skin feeling smooth.

creating a spa experience which leaves the skin feeling smooth.