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Oat bran

Oat bran

Start the day with Oat Bran

For those looking to start the day the right way, regular consumption of oat bran will fuel you for the day ahead while reducing the risk of developing many chronic diseases and illnesses. Oat bran is made up of the outer shells of the seed. It possesses an outstanding nutritional profile and makes for a fantastic warm breakfast meal. Traditionally used to feed livestock, oat bran is today recognized for the exceptional health benefits that it can provide those who regularly consume it.

Oat bran benefits

There are several outstanding benefits that come with regular consumption of this product. The oat bran benefits include:

  • It is tremendously versatile. Not only is oat bran a fantastic option for a hot breakfast meal, it can also be used to make pancakes, muffins, cookies and many other baking products.
  • It can reduce cholesterol levels. Because it contains soluble fibre, oat bran is tremendous for reducing LDL cholesterol which can minimize the buildup of dangerous plaque within your arteries.
  • It leaves you feeling full. The high amount of soluble fibre that is present within this product leads to a feeling of fullness. This ensures that you feel satisfied for longer and are less likely to snack on undesirable products throughout the day which can produce positive weight-loss results.
  • It is great for diabetes sufferers. Oat bran can slow down the digestion of carbs and reduce the rate with which sugar enters the bloodstream which can provide many positive benefits for those with diabetes.
  • It can improve digestion. Because of its high fibre content, oat bran can improve bowel frequency and ensure that you do not experience constipation.

Oat bran Australia

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