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The health benefits of erythritol

There are several benefits to the overall health of the consumer that comes with consumption of erythritol instead of sugar. These benefits are:

  • It is helpful with weight loss. Because erythritol contains almost no calories, it can provide benefits to those seeking to lose weight. By replacing daily sugar intake with erythritol, a consumer can reduce the number of overall calories they consume in a day considerably.
  • It can ensure blood sugar levels don’t spike. One of the major benefits of erythritol is that it has a zero glycemic index. This makes it extremely popular for people on low carb diets as well as those who are suffering from diabetes.
  • It will help keep you out of the dentist’s chair. A major advantage of this sugar substitute is that it does not cause tooth decay. Where sugar is used by harmful bacteria in the mouth to grow and erode teeth, erythritol cannot be affected in the same way by bacteria and therefore does not cause cavities to appear.

What is erythritol?

Many people ask the question what is erythritol? Simply put, it is an all-natural sugar alternative. It is created through a fermentation process and has a taste that is very similar to sugar yet possesses almost zero calories. Historically, it was used in Japan during the early 1990s, not only as a sugar substitute, but in jellies, jams, chocolates and beverages. Erythritol is what is known as a sugar alcohol, similar to Xylitol, and these alcohols occur naturally within plants.

How healthy is Erythritol?

On all the available evidence, erythritol appears to be a very healthy alternative to sugar and other sweeteners. Multiple studies have shown there to be little negative consequences from consuming the product.

There is however, one area of concern and that is that as erythritol is a sugar alcohol, it cannot be digested and will pass through the body until it reaches the colon where the colon’s bacteria will cause the sugar alcohol to ferment and generate digestive gases - this can lead to feelings of bloating, particularly when erythritol is consumed in significant quantities.

Is stevia and erythritol the same thing?

Although stevia and erythritol are both popular sugar substitutes and both obtained from plants they are not the same thing. Stevia is obtained from the leaves of a South American native plant Stevia Rebaudiana. It is usually made available in granulated, powdered or liquid form. O the other hand erythritol is a fermented sugar alcohol commonly obtained from plants such as corn or birch.

Is erythritol better than sugar?

All in all erythritol makes a healthier choice than sugar although to say it is better than sugar will depend on individual taste. Here are some key facts to consider when comparing the two sweeteners.

  • It contains fewer calories than sugar on average containing 0.24 calories per gram compared to sugar’s 4 calories per gram
  • It is considered to be 70% as sweet as sugar
  • Itl has no effect on blood sugar levels

Where to buy erythritol?

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