Fire Roasted Tomatoes

What are Fire Roasted Tomatoes?

Canned fire roasted tomatoes are a popular choice among cooks looking to add a little subtle difference to their meals. Fire roasted tomatoes, as the name suggests, are cooked and charred over an open flame fire. Sometimes their smoky flavour is enhanced by adding onion or garlic powder to the mix.

The fire roasted tomato comes in a variety of forms. You can choose from fire roasted dried tomatoes, fire roasted crushed tomatoes and diced options. They make an excellent ingredient in pasta sauces, soups and salsas. Besides the distinctive taste, fire roasted tomatoes contain all the natural goodness of regular tomatoes and the health benefits are surprising.

Benefits of fire roasted tomatoes canned 

Besides being delicious and adding a whole new texture and taste to your cooking fire roasted tomatoes retain all the advantages of other canned tomato products. These benefits include.

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