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Millet flakes

Millet flakes

What are Millet Flakes?

Millet flakes are made from one of the oldest cereals consumed by man - millet. Millet flakes are made by crushing the whole millet grain and critically compared to many other whole grain cereals, does not contain gluten.

Millet flakes make a healthy meal eaten alone or make an excellent ingredient to add to baked biscuits or energy bars. Millet flakes nutrition wise, are made up of complex carbohydrates, a range of B Vitamins and minerals including magnesium, phosphorus, iron and copper.

It is worth mentioning that while millet itself does not contain gluten celiac disease sufferers should be careful and pay attention to the labelling as some millet flakes may pick up traces of gluten during processing.

Millet flakes - gluten free are available through the Buy Organics Online website with products like Lotus Millet Flakes Rolled Organic.

Millet flakes substitute readily for rice, oats and even corn flakes in some recipes.

Is Millet healthier than wheat?

There is a lot of debate about whether millet is healthier than wheat. Millet is recommended as being higher in fibre and more filling than wheat. It is also gluten free making it an obvious choice for the gluten intolerant.

Which is better oats or millet?

Both oats and millet are highly regarded as grain foods. Oats generally have been regarded as being superior, nutritionally. It has over 40% more nutritional value, is high in fibre, and has higher thiamin and phosphorus content. Millet contains more calcium.

Both grains in their whole grain form are gluten free.

Where to buy millet flakes?

If you’re wondering where you can buy millet flakes online, look no further than Buy Organics Online is the place that you can rely upon to supply you with quality organic millet flakes. All our organic grain products, including millet flakes have been carefully selected after an exhaustive selection process that ensures products are organically grown and produced.. If you are looking for a great tasting cereal or a gluten free alternative for breakfast cereal or simply looking to add texture and variety to your cooking then millet flakes are for you.Organic millet flakes - buy now from Buy Organics Online.


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