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Glucose Powder

Glucose Powder

What is Glucose Powder?

Glucose powder is essentially dried corn syrup. The powder is readily soluble in water and is widely used in preparing food and beverages, cooking and is also used in pharmacology.

Glucose is one of the major ways that the body is able to generate energy and as such is regarded as an important source of fuel for the human body. Primarily, glucose powder benefits compared to other forms of glucose relate to its convenience and its ease of substitution for granulated sugar. To be specific, glucose powder is more soluble, faster fermenting and does not leave as much sediment.

Besides being often used as a sweetening agent, glucose powder is often used as an athletic supplement.

The terms glucose and dextrose are interchangeable - dextrose powder is the same as glucose powder.

What does glucose powder contain?

Glucose powder is made up from dried plants and glucose itself is derived essentially from the photosynthesis process involving water and carbon dioxide. Glucose powder contains vitamin D, Calcium and Phosphorus. All of these elements provide health benefits as detailed below.

Is glucose powder good for health?

While the powder is primarily used as a source of energy, it does have some other health benefits that are worth considering.

Vitamin D assists with the absorption of calcium and therefore can help with strengthening bones. Phosphorus is a nutrient that aids with proper cell functioning. All of this goodness translates into the following health benefits.

  • Glucose is one of the primary sources of energy . Once absorbed through the bloodstream, glucose is transformed into glycogen which is then stored as muscle until required.
  • Being a source of energy, has the spin off effect of assisting with endurance.
  • There is now some evidence to suggest that brain function is aided by glucose. Depletion of glucose levels in the brain can cause issues with memory and focus.
  • As well as being a source of energy, glucose powder can help with the recovery process after exertion.
  • Generates energy to perform physiological functions such as respiration, muscle contraction, heart rhythm and regulating body temperature.
  • Glucose can also aid with skin and hair health

As with most foods, too much glucose can be a bad thing for your health. Over consumption of glucose may lead to unhealthy weight gain and diabetes.

Does glucose powder give you energy ?

Glucose is a major source of energy and as glucose powder is immediately soluble, popping some powder into some water and drinking it straight away will give you an immediate energy boost.

Where to buy glucose powder?

The best place to buy glucose powder in Australia is the buy organics online website. All glucose powder products have been carefully selected for being ethically and organically produced.. It is time to get your natural energy boost - buy glucose powder today from Buy Organics.


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