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Fruit and Vegetable wash

Fruit and Vegetable wash

What is Fruit and Vegetable wash?

A fruit and veg wash is used to remove bacteria, pesticides and other chemicals from fruit and vegetables. Washing produce in water is often ineffective in removing these potentially harmful substances, whereas a fruit and vegetable wash is effective in removing these chemicals and penetrating food grade wax without harming the food.

What is Fruit and Vegetable wash made of?

As fruit and veg wash is designed to clean chemicals and other substances from produce, it follows that the washes will be made from a variety of clean economically sustainable products. While the product ingredients will vary from brand to brand you will find that the fruit and veg wash will typically include a mix of purified water, a natural agent that helps blend oil based liquids and water, a form of citric acid, a natural solvent or suffocant and other natural cleaning agents . 

To illustrate this the ingredient list of Abode Fruit and Vegetable wash is Purified water, Sodium Gluconate, Sodium Cocoamphodiacetate (mild surfactant originating from coconuts), Lauryl Glucoside (extracted from renewable plant resources), Grain Alcohol  Acacia Gum, Xantham Gum, plant derived Glycerine (food grade), Sodium Levulinate, Sodium Anisate, Citric Acid.

How does Fruit and Vegetable wash work?

Essentially a naturally formulated  fruit and veg wash contains mild sufficants that are capable of helping to dislodge chemicals, wax and other potential toxins from the fruit or vegetable. If you’re looking for how to wash fruit and veg, the best way is to fill a tub with cold water and add a small amount of fruit and veg wash. Use a clean scrubbing brush to scrub fruit and vegetables. For leafy greens, place them in a salad spinner and add some cold water. Then after rinsing add some more water with some drops of fruit and veg wash and give them another spin.

Where to buy Fruit and Vegetable wash in Australia?

If you have been looking for the best products for washing fruit and vegetables, then you will discover that the Buy Organics Online website has a range of fruit and veg wash products perfect for your needs. Choose the best organically fruit and veg wash from our premium products and enjoy healthier cleaner vegetables that have had all the contaminants washed away. Buy fruit and veg wash  from Buy Organics Online  today.  

Fruit and Vegetable wash reviews?

Fruit and veg wash reviews are numerous on the internet and you will find that most products enjoy positive reviews. You can trust that the fruit and veg wash products selected by the Buy Organics Online website have been selected for their effectiveness, quality and natural production. We welcome fruit and veg wash reviews for all of our products. 


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