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Raw Almonds

Raw Almonds

What are raw almonds

The term raw almonds can be applied to almonds harvested directly from the almond tree and in some circumstances uncooked almonds that have undergone the pasteurisation process. Many Australian companies now pasteurise all of their almonds.  Pasteurisation is done to raw or roasted almonds to avoid contamination.

Organic raw almonds can be eaten as a snack or  make great additions to a variety of meals and dishes including salads, desserts and baked items. Sometimes raw almonds can be confused with natural almonds. The term natural almond is applied to any almond that has retained the skin. A natural raw almond is therefore an uncooked almond that retains the skin and may or may not have been pasteurised.

Benefits of raw almonds

Nuts in general are rich in omega-3  fatty acids which are known to have cardio health benefits. They also are good sources of critical minerals like magnesium, potassium and iron. Almonds have additional health benefits including:

  • They contain copper which is an important mineral that helps with red blood cell formation a s well as helping to make collagen.

  • They contain manganese which metabolizes glucose and helps with normal bone structure.

  • They also contain useful levels of Vitamin B2 which is required for tissue growth and repair

  • They contain high levels of Vitamin E  which is known to boost the immune system, prevent cataract growth and help with heart health

Where to buy raw almonds Australia can rely on for quality

If you’re looking to buy Raw Almonds in Australia, there is no better place to look, than the Buy Organics Online website. We source only the finest quality organic raw almonds from reputable organic nut suppliers  If you’re looking to buy almonds that you can trust for reliability and organic goodness browse our range of natural raw almonds today.

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