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Coconut Butter

Coconut Butter

What is coconut butter?

Coconut butter is a tasty paste obtained from the fruit of the coconut. It can be used straight from the jar as a condiment or spread or as part of various recipes. It is often compared to coconut oil  and is made up of mostly polyunsaturated fats.  The butter is obtained by grinding the coconut pulp together until it achieves a paste-like consistency.  There is much debate over the health benefits of coconut butter. Advocates will declare that the polyunsaturated fats are the healthy type namely Lauric acid  which helps deliver the good type of cholesterol. Despite this evidence, many cardiologists still consider it to be an unhealthy food. This debate will be settled in time with further research. however, the lines are clearly drawn. Whatever the truth turns out to, be it is recommended that  you choose the butter that has been minimally processed

Organic coconut butter is obtained in exactly the same way, using organically grown coconuts that have been grown and harvested without the aid of synthetic chemicals, fertilizers, pesticides or genetically modified organisms.

How to use coconut butter 

Coconut butter makes an excellent addition to many beverages and meals. Some suggestions for use include

  • Using it as a sugar substitute for hot beverages such as tea or coffee. Simply place coconut butter in your empty mug and then pour the hot beverage over it and allow it  to melt

  •  Adding it to smoothies for extra taste

  •  Drizzling over many dishes including fruit and pancakes

  •  Adding to savoury dishes for extra creaminess

  •  Using it as a spread for your morning toast or sandwiches 

  •  Adding it to Porridge

  •  Use it for skin care - by applying to your skin and gently rubbing in a circular motion and then washing with warm water and applying moisturiser afterwards

Where to buy coconut butter Australia can trust

If you are an advocate for using coconut butter or are simply looking to add some extra taste and interest to your meals then Buy Organics Online has a range of organic coconut butter products that are sure to suit your needs. Browse our coconut butter range today and get your supply from Buy Organics Online!


1.Consumption of a Solid Fat Rich in Lauric Acid Results in a More Favorable Serum Lipid Profile in Healthy Men and Women than Consumption of a Solid Fat Rich in trans-Fatty Acids


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