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Superfoods- Immune Boosting Acai Berry

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There is a buzz in the air over a little purple berry that is sweeping the world of health foods. This amazing little Brazilian fruit possesses an impressive nutrient make up and thousands of health conscious individuals are adding it to their regular diet in order to boost their vitality and wellbeing. Acai berries grow uniquely on an Acai Palm which flourishes over 6.1 million acres of Amazon rainforest in Brazil. The berry itself contains 95% seed and 5% skin, and as with many fruits, most nutrients are found in the skin. Absolutely bursting with nutrition, it is no surprise that the locals call the palm “the tree of life”. It flourishes in a completely organic and wild environment with no pesticides or pollution and in the most nutrient dense soil in the world.

Purple foods are regarded as royalty in the health food stakes. A nutritional powerhouse, packed with organic nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, omegas and amino acids, it has an enormous array of health benefits. Unlike synthetic multivitamins, Acai is a wholefood product. Our bodies naturally recognise and absorb wholefood nutrients, making it one of the most highly absorbed and effective forms of dense nutrition. Acai berry powder is a deliciously popular version of this amazing little Amazonian super fruit and can be sprinkled into cereal, juices, yoghurt or desserts. Adding Acai powder to your regular diet can have wonderful benefits:

  • Increasing energy levels with high levels of B vitamins

  • Assisting to repair, regenerate and increase moisture of the skin and also possesses anti-ageing effects

  • Packed with over 16 different types of antioxidants, Acai helps cleanse and detoxify your body, reduce tiredness, bloating and stress, reduces the effects of hangovers and helps you to sleep more soundly

  • A staggering 17 principle minerals, together with omegas and antioxidants give Acai spectacular immune boosting qualities

  • The ideal fuel for growing children, Acai contains no stimulants, nothing artificial and the rich Omega 3, Iodine and antioxidants assist with general brain functioning and memory, which is vital for child development.

  • The antioxidants in Acai detoxify fat cells and remove toxins from the body which can contribute to weight loss

Buy Organics online have several brands which offer both raw freeze dried Acai powder and Acai berry capsules such as: Amazonia, Power Super Foods and Dr Superfoods.

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