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What is an acai berry?

The acai berry is a small fruit native to South America and the Amazon rainforest. The berry is thought of as quite the superfood, but in its natural state is made up of 80% seed, 10% pulp and 10% skin. This fact makes the acai berry largely inedible in its natural state. This makes acai berry more readily available as a powder or pulp.  The taste of acai berry has been compared to a blend of berries and chocolate - it also has a slight metallic after taste

An organic acai berry or acai berry powder organic is deemed to be organic when it has been grown and cultivated without the aid of chemicals or pesticides that would contaminate the product.

What is acai berry good for?

Getting acai berries into your diet will certainly deliver a number of potential health benefits. These include 

  • Improved brain health that lessens the potential for contracting diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s disease
  • The antioxidant anthocyanin and heart healthy fats contained in acai can contribute positively to heart health.

As well as being available in fresh form, acai is readily available as acai powder and acai capsules. 

The specific benefits of acai are listed below...

Acai Berries Benefits and Side Effects

The Acai berry is deemed to be safe when eaten in moderate quantities, however, may cause some issues if you are sensitive to pollen or have an allergy to acai or similar berry fruits.

For most people though, the acai berry in juice or powder form has all the properties of a superfood, being extremely rich in antioxidants and other nutrients.The high levels of antioxidants make the acai berry a great way to fight free radicals that can cause extensive damage to the cells within the body.Clear demonstrable benefits of incorporating acai into your diet include:

  • Improved cellular health helping to fight joint pain, cholesterol, skin conditions and even ageing disease like Alzheimers
  • Clearer healthier skin
  • An increase in energy levels
  • Better digestion caused in part by the high fibre levels
  • Improved immune system

Is Acai good for weight loss?

Acai has many health benefits and there are multiple sites on the internet proclaiming that one of these benefits is weight loss. There is no substantive medical evidence to support these claims. Acai is a healthy natural superfood that should be part of any healthy diet. It, however, does not possess some magical weight loss properties

Where to buy acai berry in Australia?

If you’re looking to buy natural organic acai berries that has been ethically grown, harvested and produced, there is no better place to buy acai than the Buy Organic Online website. All acai berry Australia products listed on our website have been carefully sourced from trusted suppliers in the berry industry. It is time to tap into the power of one of the true superfoods - buy natural acai berry powder now.

Buy Organics online have several brands which offer both raw freeze dried Acai powder and Acai berry capsules such as: Amazonia, Power Super Foods and Dr Superfoods.

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