Acai Berries products available at Buy Organics Online

Acai Berries – the superfood of 21st century. We are proud to introduce our Acai products. The origin of the berries comes all the way from Brazil and more specifically, the Amazon forest. Acai berries grow on the Acai palm and they consist of 95% seed and 5% skin. Most of its nutrients are concentrated in the berries’ skin much like every other fruit.

Putting health first, it is our duty to sell and promote products that have endless benefits for your health and do not harm the environment in the making. Much like any other berries provided by Mother Nature, Acai are responsible for high nutritional value and health benefits.

Acai Berries Benefits

Here, we will name only a few:

How to consume

Possible and most popular uses for Acai berries are to be included in cereal, yogurts, desserts and even juices.

If you are under medication, it is recommended to consult with your doctor before consuming Acai berries. Having large amounts of the fruit might cause unwanted results.

Buy Organics online have several brands which offer both raw freeze dried Acai powder and Acai berry capsules such as: Amazonia, Power Super Foods and Dr Superfoods.