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Tamari Almonds

Tamari Almonds

What are Tamari Almonds?

Tamari almonds are a much healthier alternative to salted almonds. Tamari is a less salty version of soy sauce and is produced without using wheat making it less salty and also more palatable to those trying to maintain gluten free diets. The combination of tamari and , makes a nutrition packed snack alternative.

Almonds are full of goodness including healthy doses of vitamin B3, manganase, proteins,potassium, magnesium and calcium. Tamari is also packed full of a host of vitamins and minerals. The combination makes a great tasting, less salty healthier snack than salted almonds or most other nuts.

Benefits of eating Tamari Almonds

Almonds are a great natural source of fiber. A small serve of tamari almonds (say 30 grams) would contain about 12% of an adult males normal daily fibre needs, whereas the same serving would supply an adult female with nearly 14% of hers. Some studies have shown that almonds   can help to reduce the level of cholesterol as many of the nutrients that they contain help to shield the body against the buildup of cholesterol. Eating roasted tamari almonds also is a great way to reduce sodium intake for those of us who like the taste of salted nuts. A little salt isn’t a bad thing and a 30 gram serving of tamari almonds will only contain approximately 3% of your maximum daily sodium intake.

Where to buy quality tamari almonds

At Buy Organics Online you can purchase roasted tamari almonds that have been sourced from highly respected suppliers within the almond industry.  Now you can switch to a healthier salty tasting snack alternative that will help to lower your cholesterol levels - buy your quality tamari almonds from Buy Organics Online today and be assured of their natural goodness.

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