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Foot Detox Patches

Foot Detox Patches

What are Foot Detox Patches?

Detox foot patches are foot patches that adhere to the feet. They are usually applied to the feet before retiring to bed. Detox foot patches work on the principle of drawing body toxins through the soles of the feet. They also help to improve blood circulation.

The foot is where many nerves end. This makes the sole of the foot an appropriate place from where to draw toxins from. Detox foot patch uses are not limited to the soles of the feet with some users applying then to the back and shoulders.

The Asian culture has used foot detox patches for centuries. Like much Eastern medicine, there has been little clinical investigation of foot detox  patches but there is sufficient anecdotal evidence for many people to adopt them and swear by them. Unfortunately, the lack of proper research has allowed a range of varying quality detox foot patches to compete in the marketplace. If you want the best detox foot patches, then it is best to look for detox foot patches offered by reputable suppliers who are committed to supplying quality products made from natural organic ingredients.

How do Foot Detox Patches work?

Detox foot patches work in the following manner:-

  • The soles of the feet have adhesive foot patches applied just before bed time.

  • After a good night’s sleep the patches are removed.

  • When the patches are removed they will have a dark discoloration - apparent proof that the patches have indeed drawn toxins from the body during the night. 

For many centuries users of detox patches have believed that foot patches containing a mixture of herbal ingredients have worked to draw toxins out of the body through the soles of the feet. 

How often should you use Detox Foot Patches?

How long you need to use detox foot patches will vary from individual to individual. Length of use should be guided by the amount of waste apparent on the patches in the morning. After an initial seven day detox period, the patches remain black and sticky, it is recommended that you continue to use them until such time as they become less sticky. If the foot patches are still presenting as black and sticky after the initial days, this is an indication that your body has a high level of toxins built up in the body and use may need to continue for as long as a month.

After the initial detoxification period, it is recommended that you repeat the process every eight weeks or so. 

Where to buy Foot Detox Patches in Australia?

If you have been looking for where to buy foot detox patches in Australia, you will be pleasantly surprised by the range and quality of foot detox patches available here at Buy Organics Online. Choose the very best foot detox patches and commence your natural detox program today. Get your supply here from Buy Organics Online.

Foot Detox Patches reviews?

If you take some time to look for foot detox patches reviews online, you will discover that many reviewers have conflicting views about the effectiveness of foot detox pads. Ultimately, you will need to frame your choice on the available information. We can assure you that the foot detox patches available through our website use natural ingredients and have been prepared by ethical manufacturers. Naturally, we welcome foot detox reviews of our products and welcome your opinions.


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