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Coconut Flakes

Coconut Flakes

What are coconut flakes

As the name would suggest, coconut flakes are shredded or grated flakes obtained from the meat of a dried coconut. They are a versatile kitchen ingredient that can be used for decoration and baking of sweet and savoury dishes, and as individual snacks.  It is important to distinguish between coconut flakes and desiccated coconut. Desiccated coconut is liable to contain such additives as corn syrup and preservatives. Organic coconut flakes will not contain any such impurities.

Coconut flakes will add texture and flavour to many different recipes from breakfast to dessert and even main meals  Using them will not only add flavour and texture to your dishes but deliver healthy benefits as well.

Benefits of eating coconut flakes

Coconut  meat is rich in manganese,  copper, medium-chain triglycerides (MCT) and fibre. Unsweetened coconut makes a welcome addition to any diet and will deliver the following benefits.

  • Coconut meat including flakes contains coconut oil which is liable to improve good cholesterol ( HDL)  while lowering bad cholesterol(LDL). Improvement in these areas may reduce the risk of heart disease

  • The high level of MCTs contained within coconut meat may promote feelings of fullness as well as aid in the burning of calories and fat. This may help support weight loss

  • Fibre content in coconut my help to  keep the digestive system healthy by improving bowel regularity  while the MCTs in coconut are known to improve gut bacteria

  • Coconut meat is also believed to be beneficial in stabilizing blood sugar, improving immunity and even improving brain function

What to use coconut flakes with

Coconut flakes are surprisingly versatile and can be used in a variety of sweet and savoury recipes. One of the more interesting uses of coconut flakes is to use them as bacon substitute. This can be done by marinating the flakes in a solution of soy sauce, maple syrup and bacon smoke then baking them in the oven at a temperature of 180 degrees celsius for around twelve minutes. The flakes will be a little sweeter and “nuttier” than the real thing but they make a fine vegan substitute.

Coconut flakes can also be used in a variety of ways to make recipes more interesting. Consider such options as coconut onion rings, coconut chicken, date and coconut energy balls, coconut rice and coconut shakes. What you can use coconut flakes with may only be limited by your imagination.

How to toast coconut flakes

There are several ways to toast coconut flakes using either the stove top, the oven or even the microwave. Here are all three ways 

If you choose to use the stove top method, you will need to place your coconut flakes in a large pan and place the pan over a low-medium heat, watching carefully and stirring often until the flakes turn mostly golden brown.

With the oven you will need to preheat the oven to 180 degrees celsius, before spreading the 

flakes thinly on a baking sheet. Then bake in the oven for between five and ten minutes. GIve the flakes a stir after a few minutes to ensure an even coloring.

Microwave toasting involves spreading about ½ cup of coconut flakes on a microwave safe plate and then microwaving the flakes in 30 second installments. Stir the flakes after each 30 second bake until the coconut is suitably toasted.

It is worth remembering that sweetened flakes will take less time to toast then unsweetened flakes.

Where to buy coconut flakes Australia can rely on

If you’re looking for where to buy coconut flakes that have been produced naturally from organically grown coconuts then we have the answer for you.

At Buy Organics Online you can tap into the nutritious versatility  of coconut and choose from our supply of organic toasted coconut flakes  We take pride in sourcing the finest coconut flake products available and making them available to you.  Now you can experience all the benefits of this versatile and nutritious tropical fruit by placing an order with Buy Organics Online today.

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