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Iodised Sea Salt

Iodised Sea Salt

What is Iodised sea salt?

As the name suggests Iodised sea salt. Is sea salt that has been mixed with a sprinkling of the mineral iodine. Iodine is one of the many nutrients that the body requires to function at its optimum. The Western diet has seen many people suffer from iodine deficiency. This has resulted in iodine being offered in a variety of supplemental forms.

While sea salt has some traces of iodine, these are insufficient to make any tangible difference to iodine intake. Iodised sea salt (sometimes spelt iodized) is one way of addressing iodine deficiency. 

When taken in moderation, Iodised sea salt benefits include -:

    ●  Helps to improve the thyroid gland function in producing the hormones that regulate body temperature, blood pressure and heart rate.

    ●  A healthy thyroid promotes a healthy metabolism that will aid in weight control.

    ●  Proper iodine intake can help to ensure a healthy pregnancy.

    ●  Helps to remove toxins such as lead from the body.

    ●  Salt also helps with proper hydration levels.

    ●  As sea salt is obtained through a drying process, it retains some sea nutrients including important minerals such as potassium, calcium and iron.

What is the meaning of Iodised sea salt?

Iodised sea salt is a salt that has been obtained from the sea. Iodised cooking salt is not necessarily the same thing as some Iodised salts have been ground to the point that there natural goodness is lost.

What is the difference between sea salt and Iodised salt?

Salt marketed as Iodised salt has generally been mined from underground, then finely ground before being sprinkled with iodine.

Sea salt on the other hand has been obtained from the sea after sea water has been evaporated and the salt collected. Generally sea salt is coarser and has more flavour than Iodised salt.

Iodised sea salt offers the advantages of Iodised salt plus the flavour and goodness that sea salt affords.

Which salt is better Iodised or not?

Ultimately your choice of salt will boil down to whether you have an iodine deficiency or not. If you do have an iodine deficiency then Iodised salt could be part of the answer to combating that. Iodine deficiency is considered to be a health problem in Australia with parts of South East Australia in particular being flagged as at risk.  Vegans and vegetarians also find it difficult to get enough iodine in their diets.

Signs that you may have an iodine deficiency include symptoms like general lethargy, unexpected weight gain, pregnancy complications and dry skin.

Where to buy Iodised sea salt?

If you’re looking to buy sea salt Iodised or not, Buy Organics Online is the place that you can rely upon. All our sea salt products, including Iodised cooking salt, have been carefully sourced from trusted suppliers. If you are looking to increase your iodine intake while enjoying the added flavour of sea salt then it is time to buy from Buy Organics Online now.

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