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What is wakame?

Wakame seaweed is an edible seaweed. It is often found in sushi restaurants and is known to have a sweet subtle strong distinctive flavour.  Wakame is an ingredient in Japanese dishes such as miso soup, stir fry, salad and rice dishes. 

Wakame is usually purchased in dry packaged form and can simply be rehydrated by adding water to it and allowing it to soak absorb the moisture for around ten minutes. It can then be added to a variety of salad, grain, pasta, rice, soup and stew recipes. Wakame is nutritionally rich and its benefits are many. Organic wakame is grown and harvested without using harmful synthetic materials or pesticides.

Wakame seaweed benefits

The nutritional and resultant health benefits of eating this seaweed are many. The key health benefits are -:

Where to buy wakame seaweed Australia can trust

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