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As our largest, and most exposed, organ in our body, our skin is extremely important in not only our appearance, but our overall health. Every single thing that comes into contact with our skin is absorbed to some degree. Most of the harmful ingredients included in many commercial body care products, including Mercury, Ammonia Laureth Sulfate, Isopropyl and Nitrosamines, are very easily absorbed by the skin, but the body has no way of getting rid of them because they are manufactured, not natural. Therefore they can deposit in our body, and remain there for a very long time.
Unhealthy skin can:

•    Allow harmful pollutants to pass into your system
•    Cause low self esteem
•    Be more susceptible to disease
•    Be more likely to scar
•    Appear dull and wrinkly
•    Become oily or dry as it isn’t being regulated properly
•    Heal slower than healthy skin
•    Make you look older than you are
However, healthy skin that is nourished and moisturised properly will:

•    Naturally, and without a thick layer of makeup, glow and shine
•    Make you feel and appear younger
•    Encourage confidence
•    Become more elastic and smooth
•    Heal quicker
•    Protect more effectively from exterior pollutants such as viruses and bacteria
•    Regenerate and renew itself effectively.

Natural body products are based with naturally occurring ingredients, either occurring in the environment or our bodies. Our interior body systems can handle these much easier as they are recognisable and therefore manageable. Our body is easily able to extract the nourishing properties from the natural products and eliminate the wastage, without causing any ill effects whatsoever. Organic body products go one step further towards beautiful results, with beautiful, naturally occurring ingredients, that are certified to be free from GMO’s, and do not use  any harsh, synthetic ingredients, like those mentioned above.
Here at Buy Organics Online we offer a wide range of organic body care, including brands such as Australian Biologika, Everyday Shea and Dr Organic, which include every product you could imagine, from bath and shower, foot care, personal hygiene, sun smart and aromatherapy. With millions of products on the market these days, why not relax and have a browse through our website from the comfort of your own home and use Ausganica Organic Essential Oil.

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