Rapadura Sugar

Rapadura Sugar

What is Rapadura Sugar?

Many people have asked what is rapadura sugar and why should I use it over traditional sugar products? Put simply, it is an unrefined form of cane sugar that has a fine texture and can be used anywhere that you’d normally use white sugar. It possesses a rich caramel taste and contains more nutrients than traditional white sugar.

Rapadura sugar is produced in Brazil using a totally natural and organic process. Depending on where it is produced, it also can be called Panella, Raspadura, Chancaca and Piloncilla. Because of the way it is produced it can vary slightly in colour. 

The benefits of Organic Rapadura Sugar

There are some tremendous health benefits that comes with consuming organic rapadura sugar in place of traditional white sugar. These benefits include:

Despite the benefits, it must be noted, that this is still a sugar product and as such should only be taken in moderation.

Is rapadura sugar the same as brown sugar?

This is a commonly asked question. Rapadura sugar and brown sugar are not the same. Rapadura sugar has been organically produced by extracting the juice from the cane and then cooking at very high temperatures to crystallise it. The molasses is not separated from the sugar at any time. Brown sugar on the  other hand is simple refined sugar with molasses added back to it.

What is a substitute for rapadura sugar?

If you do not have any rapadura sugar available and are looking for a substitute, the best alternatives would be muscovado or demerara sugar. Both of these sugars also undergo minimal processing.

Organic Rapadura Sugar Australia

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