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Paleo Muesli

Paleo Muesli

Paleo muesli

Start your day the right way with paleo muesli. Nothing beats a bowl of muesli in the morning to leave you feeling healthy and ready to tackle the day ahead. Typically containing dry ingredients, including oats, fruits and nuts, paleo muesli is low in calories and high in fiber.

What is paleo?

Paleo turns the clock back to the days of our ancestors where pre-packaged food was unheard of. Where whole, unprocessed foods were consumed and where people moved around more, were less stressed and slept better. Paleo is all about embracing the idea that our bodies were inherently created to consume certain types of foods and that highly processed, foods don’t have a place in our diets.

What are the benefits of muesli

There are some tremendous health benefits that come with consuming muesli. These benefits include:

  • A healthier choice than other cereals – Most mainstream cereals contain a high amount of sugars and artificial ingredients. Muesli contains far less sugar and calories than most other products

  • It is high in fibre and whole grains – While fibre content varies between muesli brands, it is a safe bet that the fibre contained within most muesli products is significant and can assist in better digestion.

  • It’ll fill you up – Because the ingredients are so nutrient rich, they are filling to the point where you’ll be less likely to snack on less healthy products throughout the day.

  • It is high in beta-glucan – Muesli contains beta-glucan which has been shown to reduce unhealthy cholesterol levels in adults by up to 10 percent.

How does paleo muesli differ from the rest?

Most mueslis incorporate some form of grain. Paleo muesli is grain free and makes up for that by using a combination of other foods and seeds. Typically you will find nuts, coconut flakes, berries, seeds and other dried fruits such as currants in paleo muesli.

What are the benefits of muesli that is paleo?

By cutting out grains, paleo muesli makes it suitable for those adhering to the paleo diet. Adherents of which believe that paleo is closer to the diet that the human body was designed to eat. 

Paleo dieters believe that the diet will help them to lose weight and live healthier. While the science isn’t necessarily settled on the merits of the paleo diet, there is no doubt that paleo muesli provides you with a nutritious meal packed with healthy fats and rich in protein.

What are the benefits of paleo cereals?

Regular consumption of paleo cereals may contribute to the following benefits.

  • More satisfied full feeling after eating resulting in less feelings of hunger

  • Sustainable weight loss if combined with other dietary improvements and regular exercise.

  • Reduced incidence of inflammation

  • May lead to improved glucose tolerance

  • Helps to improve the body’s overall immune system.

  • Improved good cholesterol levels while decreasing bad cholesterol levels.

Paleo Muesli Australia

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