Slippery Elm

Slippery Elm

What is Slippery Elm?

Native to North America, slippery elm is a tree known for its reddish to dark brown bark. The bark has been traditionally used by Native Americans in remedies for many illnesses including fevers and sore throats. The bark is mixed with water to generate a mucilage which has therapeutic properties when it touches the skin or is digested.

Slippery Elm benefits

There are several well-known benefits that come from consuming this product. The slippery elm benefits include:

Whilst there are some great health benefits, there might also be some slippery elm side effects that consumers should be aware of. While the product is largely safe, especially when digested, some people have experienced allergic reactions when the product is applied directly to the skin. In addition, pregnant mothers should consult their doctor prior to using this product.

Slippery elm dosage

When consuming slippery elm powder, all customers should take note not to follow the guidelines of use. The correct slippery elm dosage will vary depending on several factors including the age of the consumer, their health and whether they suffer from various conditions. Most products have the recommended dosage listed on the packaging, but if concerned, then please see a medical professional.

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