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Coconut Chips

Coconut Chips

What are coconut chips?

Coconut chips are a wider version of shredded coconut that can be used as a snack like potato chips or as part of a recipe much like nuts or chocolate chips. The chips are roasted to give them a crisp texture - much like the potato chip. Toasted coconut chips are essentially the same. Organic coconut chips are coconut chips that have been made from coconuts that have been grown and harvested without using pesticides or harmful chemicals.

Sometimes called coconut flakes these delightful chips make a delicious alternative snack or can be used as stand alone mix ins in many recipes. They also make great smoothie garnishes, are great in trail mixes, can be mixed in porridge or muesli, sprinkled on salads or even stirred through brown rice. Once you’ve tried coconut chips, you’ll be looking to use them weherever you can.

Health benefits of eating roasted coconut chips

Besides tasting great, coconut chips have several great health benefits. These include:

  • The chips are an excellent source of “good fats” known as medium chain fatty acids. These fats are used as energy rather than stored. They also tend to have the effect of leaving you feeling full so that you won;t be tempted to indulge in snacking on other less healthy options.

  • High fibre content resulting in improved gut health and helping with stabilising blood sugar content

  • Extremely portable making it easy for you to carry a healthy snack alternative rather than be tempted by some of the more processed options available.

Where to buy coconut chips Australia can trust for goodness

Buy Organics Online has a wide selection of quality coconut chip products for you to choose from.  If you are looking for a flexible healthy snack food that can also be used to a touch of delicious difference to your baking then  we have a range of toasted and roasted coconut chips that Australians can trust and rely on. Buy coconut chips from Buy Organics Online today and take the healthy versatile snacking option.


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