Baking Powder

What is Baking Powder?

Many people ask what is baking powder? It is a product made from adding water to a combination of alkali and acid to produce carbon dioxide. The carbon dioxide is then trapped in air pockets within dough or batter and, when heated, expands the trapped carbon dioxide resulting in an expansion to the food in which the baking powder is being used.

Baking Powder Uses

The most common use for baking powder is as a raising agent in bread and cake products. However much like baking soda, there are many additional uses for baking powder that may surprise. Most of these uses involve skin, body and hair care and will be outlined below. 

The body care benefits of baking powder

The multiple uses of non-organic and organic baking powder as a health product can yield many benefits for those who choose to incorporate it into their daily lives. Some of these benefits include:

It can be used as an aluminium-free deodorant – As this product does not contain parabens and aluminium, it can make a healthier, more effective natural deodorant.

It can exfoliate and cleanse the skin – As a foot soak, body soak or hand cleanser, baking powder can yield tremendous skin benefits.

It can clean your hair – Baking powder makes a great alternative to commercial shampoos. This is achieved by washing your hair with a combination of shampoo and baking powder to remove residues that regular shampoo products can struggle to get rid of.

It can improve your oral health – Baking powder can make for a great mouthwash by mixing it with a few drops of all-natural eucalyptus or peppermint essential oil. In addition, baking powder can be used as an alternative to mainstream toothpastes and will help whiten your teeth. But please do so infrequently as every day use my damage enamel.

Baking powder Australia

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