Coconut Sugar

Coconut Sugar

What is coconut sugar?

Many Australians have made the switch to coconut sugar. Also, commonly referred to as coconut palm sugar, this product originates from the coconut plant. It is considered a healthier alternative to regular sugar that has been known to cause some significant health problems for individuals who over-consume it.

How is coconut sugar made?

So, how is coconut sugar made? Coconut sugar is made via a two-stage process. The first step involves making an incision on the flower of the coconut palm where the liquid sap is extracted into containers. The second step involves placing the sap under heat until most of the water is extinguished through evaporation. The result is a sugar that is brown and granulated, like that of raw sugar but with smaller particles.

The benefits of coconut sugar over regular sugar

There are two suggested health benefits that come with consumption of coconut sugar instead of traditional sugar. These benefits include:

Coconut sugar Australia

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