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Green Banana Resistant Starch

Green Banana Resistant Starch

What is Green Banana Resistant Starch?

To explain what green banana resistant starch is, resistant starch has to be explained. Starch is an organic chemical that is produced by all green plants. It is a source of energy supply to tissues. Resistant starch is a particular kind of starch that “resists digestion in the stomach and small intestine. In doing so, it nourishes and feeds the good gut bacteria, essentially acting as a prebiotic. It is now commonly accepted that good health is in many ways dictated by gut health and green banana resistant starch contributes to balancing the gut microbiome.

Green banana resistant starch benefits 

Besides acting as a prebiotic, encouraging the growth of healthy gut bacteria, green resistant starch has some extra benefits of green banana resistant starch. These include

  • As the starch travels through the intestines in an unchanged state, it helps to make digestion a smoother process and reduces the incidence of diarrhea.

  • As resistant starch inhibits the body’s ability to use carbohydrates as fuel, it helps to boost energy and burn fat.

  • Resistant starch stabilises blood sugars, helping you to feel full and satisfied after consuming it.

  • Helps to lower blood glucose levels which can assist in improving insulin sensitivity, and preventing blood sugar spikes after eating.

  • Helps to reduce inflammation.

  • Helps to improve the absorption of nutrients, antioxidants and minerals like calcium, promoting healthy teeth and bones.

Green banana resistant starch side effects

The major side effects associated with green banana resistant starch are gas and a feeling of bloatedness. It is recommended that if you are introducing resistant starch to your diet that you start slow.

How do you use Green Banana resistant starch?

You don't need a lot of green banana resistant starch to experience the benefits. Simply consume one heaped teaspoon daily. This can be done by adding the starch to water or juice. It can be sprinkled on cereal or added to delicious smoothies. It can also be added to other foods like mashed avocado or yoghurt and can be included in protein balls.  

Do Green Bananas have resistant starch?

There are a few natural sources of resistant starch, including potatoes, green plantains and, you guessed it, green bananas.

Where to buy Green Banana resistant starch in Australia?

If you have been looking for green banana resistant starch that has been harvested from organically grown and processed bananas then you will find all you need at Buy Organics Online. Choose the best green banana starch from our range of carefully chosen products and take a major step towards improving your gut health. Get your supply from Buy Organics Online today. 

Green Banana starch reviews?

If you spend a little time browsing online you will discover a lot of green banana resistant starch reviews for green banana starch. It is recognised as being a healthy nutritious food  that can be used to improve your gut health. The green banana resistant starch products that we have chosen  at Buy Organics Online are all highly regarded products sourced for their natural goodness and organic pedigree.


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